My first love !

Muziek speelt een mega rol in mijn leven, agile werken, geboorte van het CRM systeem waar ik nu mijn brood mee verdien maar vooral vriendschap, jezelf ontdekken en lekker creatief bezig zijn!

Ergens op zolder heb ik de biografie van mijn eerste band Against Time gevonden 🙂

Against Time was founded early in 1994. The band started out playing covers of their punkrock heroes, but it wasn’t long until they became more ambitious about their music and started writing their own songs. After playing the local scene for a couple of years they recorded their first album with Dutch producer Menno Bakker. In 1999 ‘And Not For Anyone’ was released by Canadian label Meter Records. The record got raving reviews and the first pressing was sold out quickly. After playing all over the Netherlands (Willem II, Effenaar, 013, Doornroosje, Vlerk and many more), Against Time toured Canada late 2000 to support the album. Back home Against Time immediately started working on their 2nd album, ‘Never Forever’, which was released at the end of 2002. In the mean time the band toured Spain twice and played all over the Netherlands and Belgium pleasing audiences with their energetic and sincere emotional shows. With the release of ‘Never Forever’ Against Time proove they have grown tremendously over the years, bringing a mature sound in which they encompass all kinds of influences and emotions. Great melodies, great songs on a well produced album with which they can easily take up competition with likeminded bands like Saves the Day, Hot Water Music and Atari’s. There are only a few punkrockbands who have what it takes to really stand out. Against Time has got it all; passion, melody, an emotional touch, intensity and most of all; great songs! Having played all over Europe and Canada, Against Time is a tight and impressive live-act with international status!

Na Against Time heb ik samen met Kees, Ivo, Bram en diverse gitaristen de band July Knives opgericht .

Na July Knives heb ik samen met Kees, Tonny en Mark de band Skycaptain opgericht (dit waren mijn business matties toen we met Faster Forward is de bosstraat werkte).
Ergens in 2005 hebben we een 6 tal nummers geschreven die we hebben opgenomen in Hamburg (Duitsland). Luister naar 3 beste songs :

Anno 2017 kan ik de muziek niet loslaten, met een aantal vrienden zijn we projectje gestart. Onderstaande is een proef liedje zonder tekst 🙂 Als we maar lol hebben!